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We offer you a professional, reliable in home pet care service catering to your pets individual needs. A stress-free alternative to catteries and kennels for all of the family.

While away on business or pleasure, we will visit your pets once or twice a day, or more as required, for lots of cuddles, attention, exercise and food. Leaving you to enjoy your time away confident they are well cared for and your home is safe.

Why use a professional pet carer?
- We are always available and trustworthy
- Your pet gets to know us and feels happier in their familiar surroundings
- They will avoid exposure to illness from other animals
- It may not always be convenient for friends to help, especially for long periods

Paula has been taking care of our rabbits since 2003 and we have always been very pleased with her work. She is reliable, caring and patient with our pets, so we have been grateful to have her. When I ask her if she is available, she responds by email immediately. She takes down all the important contact details and we have hers, so we know we can get in touch in an emergency.

We once had a rabbit with an eye disease which had to have drops put in the eye every day. This particular rabbit did not like to be held, so it was not very pleasant for anyone and it took time to calm her down. Paula accepted the challenge and kept our rabbit alive and healthy while we were away. She keeps the cage clean and tidy and gives them good food and water. In short, I feel totally confident leaving my pets in her care.

Kathryn Lehman